Hankook Ventus V-12 | Free Mounting and Balancing

Price From: $166.00

Hankook Ventus V-12 | Free Mounting and Balancing

Price From: $166.00
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Hankook Ventus V-12 | Free Mounting and Balancing

Receive your wheels mounted and balanced to your door when purchasing a set of wheel and tire package. 

Aditional Information
Tire Diameter 18, 17, 19, 20, 21
Tire Specs 215/40ZR18 89Y, 215/45ZR17 91Y, 215/45ZR18 93Y, 215/50ZR17 95W, 225/35ZR19 88Y, 225/40ZR18 92Y, 225/40ZR19 93Y, 225/45ZR17 94Y, 225/45ZR18 95Y, 225/45ZR19 96Y, 225/50ZR17 98Y, 235/35ZR19 91Y, 235/40ZR18 95Y, 235/45ZR17 97Y, 235/50ZR18 101Y, 245/30ZR20 90Y, 245/35ZR18 92Y, 245/35ZR19 93Y, 245/35ZR20 95Y, 245/35ZR21 96Y, 245/40ZR17 95Y, 245/40ZR18 97Y, 245/40ZR19 98Y, 245/40ZR20 99Y, 245/45ZR17 99Y, 245/45ZR18 100Y, 245/45ZR19 102Y, 245/45ZR20 103Y, 255/30ZR19 91Y, 255/30ZR20 92Y, 255/35ZR18 94Y, 255/35ZR19 96Y, 255/35ZR20 97Y, 255/40ZR17 98Y, 255/40ZR18 99Y, 255/40ZR19 100Y, 255/45ZR18 103Y, 255/45ZR19 104Y, 255/45ZR20 105Y, 265/30ZR19 93Y, 265/35ZR18 97Y, 265/35ZR19 98Y, 265/40ZR18 101Y, 275/30ZR19 96Y, 275/30ZR20 97Y, 275/30ZR21 98Y, 275/35ZR18 99Y, 275/35ZR19 100Y, 275/35ZR20 102Y, 275/40ZR18 103Y, 275/40ZR19 105Y, 275/40ZR20 106Y, 285/30ZR19 98Y, 285/30ZR20 99Y, 285/35ZR18 101Y, 285/35ZR19 103Y, 295/30ZR19 100Y, 305/25ZR20 97Y, 305/30ZR19 102Y
Wheel Width
Wheel Offset

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The newest to the Rohana Wheel line up with a manufacturing process called Rotary Forged. Rotary forged wheels have a very special technique employing 3 hydraulic rollers, with preassure and heat to stretch the barrel of the wheels to the specified diameter, while the wheel is spinning the rollers strech the compress the alloy which enhances the overall structure and durability of the wheel which also results in a light weight wheel.