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    Not sure what tire size to go with?

    Our tire guide will assist in guiding you to assure you select the proper size for the wheels you will be purchasing.

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    Vertini Wheel | Concave Wheels | Free Shipping |

    Purchase Vertini Wheels at the number one Vertini Wheel Store and never pay for shipping. All Vertini wheels are in stock and ready to ship, from the Vertini Fairlady to the Vertini Drift. Vertini has set a Brand Image of High Quality wheels and have lived up to there expectation where there immaculate designs and strong wheel structure. 

    Rohana Wheels | RF Series

    The newest to the Rohana Wheel line up with a manufacturing process called Rotary Forged. Rotary forged wheels have a very special technique employing 3 hydraulic rollers, with preassure and heat to stretch the barrel of the wheels to the specified diameter, while the wheel is spinning the rollers strech the compress the alloy which enhances the overall structure and durability of the wheel which also results in a light weight wheel.