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    Our tire guide will assist in guiding you to assure you select the proper size for the wheels you will be purchasing.

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    Konig Wheels

    Konig Wheels

    Konig American has been producing high quality wheels for over 35 years. While their beginning was in sport compact, the company now produces wheels for many segments of the automotive industry. Konig American develops wheels with extremely low defect rates, the highest of quality, and produces all of their products with the most recent production technology available. This is what has driven the worlds largest wheel retailers and wholesalers to carry, sell, and produce private label products manufactured by Konig for decades!

    Rohana Wheels | RF Series

    The newest to the Rohana Wheel line up with a manufacturing process called Rotary Forged. Rotary forged wheels have a very special technique employing 3 hydraulic rollers, with preassure and heat to stretch the barrel of the wheels to the specified diameter, while the wheel is spinning the rollers strech the compress the alloy which enhances the overall structure and durability of the wheel which also results in a light weight wheel.