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    AodHán Wheels

    AodHán Wheels

    Aodhan Wheels, leading the newest trend in the wheel industry with its new DS07 and DS06 Wheel. Aodhan Has made beautiful market trending designs at a quarter of the price as the competition.

    Aodhan Wheels | Deep Concave | High Quality | Large Lip Profile

    AodHán Wheels, the newest company that has been around only for 3 years but has completely shifted the wheel industry with its new complex and high quality designs. The attention to detail in all of their wheels is stunning specially at the price point that makes it almost impossible for its competitors to compete. From the DS07 to the first initial launch of the Ah series, the AH02, these Aodhan never fails to deliver in its quality. From super cars to JDM Aodhan has provided designs meant to compliment just about any vehicle. 

    With the launch of the AFF1 series Aodhan is testing the waters with Rotary Forged wheels, meant to widthstand a higher load rating and much lighter for on track performane the Rotary Forge series from Aodhan is going to be a game changer and once their concept models are released to the public they will be untouchable from its competition. Aodhan wheels also offers the ability to customize any of their wheels to just about any desired bolt pattern and any requested finish from customers, from Candy Apple Red to transparent Bronze Aodhan wheels can get just about any finish for all car enthusiast, from Supers Cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari to the top European cars the M4 and M5.


    Rohana Wheels | RF Series

    The newest to the Rohana Wheel line up with a manufacturing process called Rotary Forged. Rotary forged wheels have a very special technique employing 3 hydraulic rollers, with preassure and heat to stretch the barrel of the wheels to the specified diameter, while the wheel is spinning the rollers strech the compress the alloy which enhances the overall structure and durability of the wheel which also results in a light weight wheel.