BC Racing BR Type Coilovers

Price From: $895.00

BC Racing BR Type Coilovers

Price From: $895.00
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BC Racing Coilovers BR Type

BC Racing Coilovers | BR Type

For customers looking to adjust the ride height of their vehicle, wants top performance in a road course, then  BC Racing is the company of choice. BC Racing has manufacturered suspension kits for over a decade and have perferctedly engieneered a product with piston design offers increased, digressive piston design offers, force at low piston velocities while maintaining a linear damper feel at higher piston velocities. The ability to order swift springs for a more precise spring rate. BC Racing allows consumers to maximize the advantages of increased low speed damping force.

Aditional Information
Make Honda, Acura, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Lotus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Porsche, Subaru, Volvo
Model CIVIC (rear fork), Integra/RSX, Integra/RSX EXTREME, NSX, TL, Accord, TSX, Integra(rear eye), RDX AWD, LEGEND, TL FWD/AWD, MDX, RL, RLX, RL SH-AWD, DA Integra, Golf V(GTI,DTI), A4 FWD, S4 AWD, TT 2WD, A4/S5, A4 AWD, A6 AWD, TT AWD/FWD, A6 FWD/AWD, R8, Q7, Allroad C5 Chassis, A3 (49.5mm Strut), 3 Series Sedan, 3 Series E90, 3 SERIES 45MM, 5 SERIES SEDAN, 3 SERIES 51MM, Z3, 130i/135i/128i, Z4, E90/92 M3 (W/EDC), E46 M3 (On-Center), 5 Series RWD ONLY, 5 SERIES, 3 SERIES Vert, 3 Series E92, 6 SERIES (M6 ONLY), X5, 1 SERIES M COUPE, Z4 M, 7 SERIES, E30 M3 (51mm), 3 SERIES COMPACT, 6 SERIES 650i, 5 SERIES (55mm), 3 SERIES, E90/92 M3 (w/o EDC), X1 RWD, 3 SERIES AWD, 5 Series Touring, 3 Series (51mm), 6 Series Sedan, 2 Series (M235i/228i), 3 Series (45mm), M4 3-Bolt Top (DDC), 6 Series (M/non-M), X3 AWD, 3 Series E90/E92 AWD, 4 Series F32, 4 Series AWD, 5 Series, M4 Cabrio, X4 AWD, M4 5-Bolt Top Mounts, M4 Cabrio 5-Bolt Top Mounts, 3 Series E90/E92 AWD Extreme, CTS, CTS AWD, ATS RWD, ATS AWD, COBALT, CAVALIER, CAMARO, SONIC, SPARK, Corvette C7, SS, CRUZE, Camaro, Corvette C6, Neon, Neon & SRT-4, Neon & SRT-4 W/REAR CAMBER, CALIBER & SRT-4, CALIBER/SRT-4 EXTREME, Viper, Charger AWD, Dart, Fiat 500/Abarth 500, Focus MK1, Mustang, MUSTANG (Exclude 99-04 Cobra), FIESTA, Fusion, Focus, Focus ST, Taurus, Civic (rear eye) NON US, Civic, Beat PP1, S2000, CRV, Civic/CR-X (rear eye), Prelude, Fit, Insight, Civic/CR-X(rear fork), CRZ, Civic (Excl Wagon/78-79 CVCC), Accord Wagon, Civic (Exc. 2014+ SI), Element, Odyssey RA1, Odyessy USDM, CIVIC/CRX, Civic CVCC (Excl Wagon), Odyssey RL5, HR-V FWD, Civic (SI ONLY), HR-V AWD, Civic (Non-SI), Tiburon, Genesis Sedan (Excl. V8), GENESIS (Coupe), VELOSTER, SONATA, Elantra, Tucson, Genesis R-Spec (Sedan), G10, G20, M35/M45 RWD, FX35/45 AWD/RWD, G35 AWD, Q45 (w/o Spindle), Q45 (W/ Spindle), M37, G37x, FX35 RWD, FX35 AWD, M35 AWD, G37 Convertible, EX35 AWD, EX35 RWD, FX50S AWD, M37 AWD, M35/M45 (W/ Spindle), Q50, Q50 AWD, Q50 2.0t RWD, CHEROKEE SRT8 AWD, FORTE, OPTIMA, SOUL (V1 SPEC ONLY), Kia Forte Coupe/Sedan, Supra, IS-200/IS300, IS250/350, GS-300, LS400, IS250/GS350 AWD, LS460, SC430, IS 250C, ES300, CT200h, GS350, GS300/350, ES300H, TC, TC EXTREME, XB, ES300 FWD, RCF, RC250/350 F-Sport RWD, LS430, GS250/350 AWD, ELISE / EXIGE, MAZDA 6, RX-7, MAZDA 3, Miata / MX5, RX-8, RX7, MAZDA 323 GTX, Mazda 2, MAZDA 323 GTR, MAZDA 5, MX-5, 323 ASTINA, COSMO, CX-5, Mazda 6, CX-7 FWD/AWD, Mazda 3 Hybrid, Mazda 3, CX-3, Mazda MX-5, C230/C240/C320, C-Class Sedan, SLK, W204 C63 AMG, E55-AMG, E-CLASS, E-CLASS WAGON, E-Class Sedan, E-CLASS SEDAN (Airmatic), COUPE, C180, CLS Class Sedan, CLA, C-Class AWD, COOPER, Countryman R60, COOPER (w/DDC), COOPER (w/o DDC), Lancer/Virage, Lancer/Rally Art, Evo VII/ VIII/IX, EVO IV/V/VI, Eclipse AWD, 3000 GT AWD, 3000 GT FWD, Eclipse, Eclipse FWD, EVO I/II/III, LANCER, EVO X, Galant VR4, Outlander FWD/AWD, Maxima, Sentra, Skyline R32-GTR, Skyline R34 GTR, Silvia 240SX, Skyline R32 GTS, Skyline R33 GTS, Fairlady Z/350Z TRUE, Skyline R34 GTS (rear fork), Fairlady Z/300ZX, S12, Altima/ 04-08 Maxima, March, Altima/09- Maxima, Skyline R35 GT-R, Fairlady Z/370Z, TEANA, Pulsar GTIR AWD, 280Z, Juke, Q45(W/spindle), Skyline R34 GTS(eye), Skyline GT-Four, Juke AWD, Versa Note, 240Z, 240Z Extreme, SOLSTICE, GTO, GTO Front Half Kit, G8, Grand Prix, Cayenne/S (w/o PASM), 996 Turbo AWD, 997.2 RWD NA, 997.1 RWD NA, Cayenne AWD, BRZ, Impreza WRX, Impreza WRX W/R CAMBER, Impreza WRX EXTREME, Impreza STI, Impreza STI W/R CAMBER, Impreza STI EXTREME, LEGACY, LEGACY EXTREME, Baja, OUTBACK, WRX, WRX EXTREME, STI, STI EXTREME, FORESTER, STI SEDAN, WRX/STI, XV Crosstrek, Tercel/Starlet, Corolla/Matrix, Corolla, Camry, Chaser, Vios/Echo, MR2, Corolla (w/o Spindle), Corolla W/spindle, Yaris, MR2 Spyder, Celica, Celica AWD, Cressida/Chaser, Corolla/Altis, Celica ST205 Chassis(SUPERSTRUT), Celica ST202 Chassis(SUPERSTRUT), CELICA-FWD, Corolla (ZRE152), AE82, COROLLA SUPERSTRUT, CRESSIDA, CALDINA, CELICA (SUPERSTRUT), SOLARA, YARIS, CHASER 4WD, CROWN, CAMRY (Exc SE), Sienna, AVENSIS, CAMRY SE, CAMRY HYBRID, Venza FWD, S60, S40/V40, S70, C30, V70 FWD, V70, S60/V70 AWD, 740/940 Exc-IRS (RWD), V40 FWD, 240 RWD (Weld In), GOLF/JETTA, PASSAT, GOLF V 1.6 (Strut 49.5MM), GOLF VI, GOLF R (w/o DCC), PASSAT CC, Fairlady Z/350Z, TOUAREG, Golf, Passat FWD/AWD, Passat AWD, Golf Mk7 with 49.5 strut, Golf, GTI, and Golf R Mk7 with 54.5 strut, Tiguan 2WD/AWD
Year 92-95, 02-06, 91-05, 04-08, 08-12, 97-01, 07-12, 96-03, 09-14, 14-, 96-04, 05-12, 90-93, 06-10, 96-01, 99-02, 00-06, 08-, 99-05, 07-, 12-, 06-15, 13-, 06-11, 85-87, 95-03, 88-92, 96-02, 07-13, 03-08, 01-06, 11-, 11-12, 06-08, 95-01, 85-92, 95-99, 89-95, 82-88, 02-08, 95-04, 75-83, 09-, 14-15, 03-10, 10-16, 2014, 14-16, 15-, 08-13, 03-07, 05-10, 95-05, 10-13, 10-15, 09-15, 16-, 05-13, 00-05, 08-09, 10-, 05-14, 94-04, 13-16, 96-00, 90-97, 01-05, 91-96, 00-09, 98-01, 88-91, 92-01, 07-08, 73-79, 80-83, 12-15, 03-13, 94-98, 84-87, 78-79, 99-04, 2013-, 03-05, 11-16, 12-14, 04-06, 09-13, 02-04, 11-15, 93-98, 06-12, 98-05, 95-00, 93-97, 90-94, 01-10, 04-07, 08-15, 02+, 93-95, 04-13, 89-05, 04-11, 87-92, 89-94, 10-14, 06-14, 90-95, 15-16, 01-07, 07-14, 03-06, 03-09, 02-09, 10-E-CLASS, 02-07, 91-99, 89-92, 91-94, 00-03, 95-98, 90-96, 84-88, 09+, 91-95, 75-78, 93-00, 69-74, 06-09, 04-10, 09-12, 05-08, 05-07, 05-09, 00-04, 08-11, 08-10, 98-02, 11-14, 92-00, 90-99, 86-92, 83-87, 07-11, 94-99, 87-89, 85-88, 97~02, 00-, 99-03, 01-04, 08+, 01-09, 98-00, 00-07, 91-98, 74-93, 85-99, 74-84, 96-05, 07-17
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Rohana Wheels | RF Series

The newest to the Rohana Wheel line up with a manufacturing process called Rotary Forged. Rotary forged wheels have a very special technique employing 3 hydraulic rollers, with preassure and heat to stretch the barrel of the wheels to the specified diameter, while the wheel is spinning the rollers strech the compress the alloy which enhances the overall structure and durability of the wheel which also results in a light weight wheel.